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Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray

A SMARTER WAY FORWARD (Carestream is only distributed by Datec Medico in Denmark)

Carestream is one of the world's leading suppliers of DR (Digital Radiography) and CR (computed radiography) systems. They have a history of innovative solutions that include their DRX systems that with their advanced wireless technology can be used across Carestream equipment.

Carestream offers imaging solutions that can solve challenges within workflows, finances and lack of space.

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Konventionel Røntgen

DRX Compass

Carestream har udviklet et nyt skalérbart røntgensystem, hvor jeres behov og budget er i førersædet. Systemet tilpasses til jeres nuværende situation med mulighed for at opgraderer i fremtiden. 

Løsningen installeres som gulvmonteret eller loftmonteret røntgenrør.

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Evolution Plus

DRX-Evolution Plus is a fully motorized digital bucky system. With auto-positioning for all survey protocols, it offers unmatched capabilities.

Both wireless and fixed detectors of all sizes can be used. Which provides Future-friendly, modular design that can be adapted to your needs.

The wall stand can be supplied with a floor rail, so it provides extra options for use. The system comes with an integrated console, which controls both generator functions and image processing. In addition, it is possible to interact with the generator parameters directly in the examination room, using the touch screen on the X-ray tube.

It is possible to expand the system with e.g. Long Length Imaging.

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Mobilt Røntgen

DRX Revolution

The transportable X-ray systems from Carestream ensure free mobility, high ergonomics, shorter processing time and high image quality. Carestream offers the following systems:

The new and improved DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System that fits perfectly in smaller patient rooms and narrow areas.

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With detectors from Carestream you can access the X-Factor platform. It makes it possible to share the same detector across all their DRX products. That way, it is easy and affordable to modify, replace, or expand your current system.

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Can be installed as a wireless or fixed detector

DRX Plus




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