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Mamma diagnostics


The Gamma system from Mammotome ensures the market's most accurate and sensitive measurements.

97.1% global market share on gamma systems

Used for, among other things, Sentinel node, technetium-99, radioactive seeds and all common isotopes

Largest selection of probes

No calibration or maintenance costs 

Easy to use, ‘plug and play’ setup. 

Shortens procedure times.

Highest sensitivity to even the most challenging procedures. 



HydroMARK breast markers consist of a titanium clip, embedded in a patented hydrogel. Once HydroMARK is placed in tissue, the hydrogel begins to absorb fluid and swells up to 200% of its original size in 24 hours.

The gel turns into water and the bubbles make it incredibly easy to find by ultrasound and remain visible for up to 12 months, even during neoadjuvant chemotherapy. 

HydroMARK remains permanently visible on mammography, with three uniquely identifiable designs



Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy System (VAB). 

Stereotactic and Ultrasound in one - 2 holsters on the same system

Dual vacuum assisted technology

8G and 10G needle options

9 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm needle length

SteadyVac designed to minimize hematoma

Compatible with all leading stereotactic and tomosynthesis biopsy-compatible devices



VAB Single incision allows for multiple samples without removing the needle

10G and 13G needle sizes

Only wireless device on the market with vacuum technology

Non-contact tissue collection and transport

Detachable needle for accurate placement of tissue marker

Knife blade for improved access and maximum procedure control



 Transport and X-ray system of tissue samples. 
KliniTray is a unique and innovative system for tumor fixation and is used for transport, examination and preparation of tumor tissue.
The system ensures millimeter-accurate overview via markers and frames that can be seen on the X-ray image. 
Safe air and waterproof transport container. 

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