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Gamma probe system

The Gamma Detection system, GMT-100, from Gamma Medical Technology has the most accurate and sensitive measurements of all gamma probes available on the market.

  • GMT-100 has a max sensitivity of 30.000MBq. In comparison, the system with the second highest sensitivity has 9800MBq.


  • Used for, among other things, Sentinel node procedures


  • Can detect on Technetium-99, Cobalt-60 and Radioactive seeds Iodine-125
  • GMT-100 follows the new and more restrictive directives in Germany, where it is a legal requirement that gamma systems can read and store control measurements of sensitivity as log files. This is done via the unique and patented Smart QC system, which easily provides the user and the medical technology department access to read the background measurement and sensitivity themselves, and thus ensure that the system complies with all requirements to ensure uniform treatment for all patients. Only GMT-100 has this feature of all gamma systems on the market.


  • The wireless probe differs from competing probes in that they do not use Bluetooth, but instead radio frequency. This ensures much more stable connection between probe and control module, as Bluetooth is very easily affected by other frequencies and loses the connection. 


  • GMT-100 has built-in batteries for operation without the use of power cable. Therefore, the system is extremely easy to transport between different OR's.


  • Modern design with quick start-up and 7" touchscreen.




 Transport and X-ray system of tissue samples. 
KliniTray is a unique and innovative system for tumor fixation and is used for transport, examination and preparation of tumor tissue.
The system ensures millimeter-accurate overview via markers and frames that can be seen on the X-ray image. 
Safe air and waterproof transport container. 

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